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Living Wreath Care, Topiary & Plant Care

NEW TIP!  Find your succulent designs "sweet spot"; find a place that your succulents are happy!  If your succulent aren't thriving, blooming etc. try a new spot! 

Don't over water! Succulents are drought tolerant.

How long do they last?  Succulent are some of the easiest and most rewarding plants to care for and with proper care succulents will last for years.  Given as a gift they will last longer than cut flowers and traditional pine (holiday) wreaths.


Wreaths & Topiaries: Water only when the moss base is completely dry. Immerse the design in water OR by sprinkling with garden hose (gentle spray). To keep the design fresh-looking, mist with a spray bottle. 
Planters:  Water using a spray bottle, concentrating at the base of the plants, spray generously.

Summer: During the hotter months (especially in tropical type climates) your wreath and design may need more water.  Wreaths  and topiaries may require watering once a week, it depends on the amount of sunlight the design receives.  Cooler month’s succulents can go weeks without watering.  General rule of thumb, water thoroughly and then leave until the design is dry.  

Give the design plenty of bright natural sunlight. Again avoid afternoon 'burning' sun. Morning sun, even direct is okay.
For entertaining purposes, you may bring the design indoors for a few days and then relocate it outside for the natural sun and air circulation that all plants need.

Generally, succulent do best outdoors BUT if place is bright sunlit window succulents can be happy. It's about finding a place in your home or business that they are happy. Remember to avoid afternoon sun, as this may burn the succulents.

I recommend fertilizing with topiaries. One can during the growing season, begin fertilizing by using a balanced solution that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The growing season is generally between March-October (during warm weather). Fertilizing will encourage new growth and proper nutrition.

To maintain the desired shape of the succulent design, you may trim the succulents with pruning shears or garden clippers. The wreath may take several months to a year before the succulents to grow out or lose its original shape. The best time to trim the succulent wreath is during the spring-summer. You can trim and replant into the wreath or propagate some of the trimmings from such succulents as Echeveria.

Certain succulents are 'winter-hardy', however, I recommend covering if a frost is possible, just as you would with any outdoor plants that is susceptible to frost or cold weather.

Add candles, ribbons, and floral picks from your local craft store to dress up the wreath or design for the holidays!
For centerpieces on a table, place the succulent wreath on a platter or saucer to protect furniture. Tie a colorful, festive-looking ribbon or bow around candles inside the center of the wreath. Hang the succulent wreath on a door by using a wreath hanger or place it on a mantel.